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100% Uptime 100% Reduced Concerns

We help businesses that rely on their IT infrastructure to stay online at all times, so that their business operations are not disrupted.

Our Services

Our Services

From Cloud telephony combined with Business Internet to fully a managed WAN. Below you will find an overview of our services.

Business Internet

Internet access. It is impossible to run a business without it. Running your business properly is not only depending on the availability of fast and reliable Internet, Internet has also become an critical part of most business processes as many services have moved into the cloud.

Hosted VoIP

Many companies are ready to replace their old PABX / telephone exchange and more often they choose to outsource their telephony infrastructure. However in these times high investments are not welcome, which is why many companies choose Hosted IP Telephony.

Wide Area Network Services

Your company has multiple offices across the country, across Europe or even across the World. And you aim to efficiently connect the networks of the various locations.

Contact Center Service

As the calling party does not make any costs for the call, you optimize your service to the fullest. NBA Services has a lot of experience with delivering high quality Contact Center Services towards its customers.


The big advantage is the simplicity it brings along looking at system integration, patches and upgrades, and disaster recovery procedures that can be simplified. Also, the increasing demand for flex/ home workers is a reason for companies to choose for a Hosted ICT environment.


With the increasing need for flex-and-remote workers the boundaries of the traditional corporate networks are shifting. In order to keep protecting your companies’ data, it is important to take adequate security measures.

Specialist since 1997

With our many years of experience in designing, building, and maintaining networks, NBAS is the silent force behind all your ICT requirements. From fiber optic networks to cloud-based IP telephony and managed WiFi.

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