Who We Are

Founded in 1997 NBAS has matured into a truly independent global IT service provider.

Today NBAS is able to offer your company a proposal based on multiple providers and vendors, tailor made to your company specific IT requirements and needs. Our provider independency allows us to offer you the best prices available anywhere in the world.

New York Office

Mission and Vision

Constant personal attention for our customers. Adequate and direct support via a single point of contact. Excellent quality & pricing, and one transparent invoice for all your IT related services.

Strategic Partner Channel

These are some of the core values of NBAS. Because we work very closely with our partners, we can meet these challenges. We communicate directly with dedicated teams of our partners. You can count on the full attention of NBAS, 24/7.

NBAS has filled the gap between you as a customer and the largest and most professional global carriers of data and telecommunications networks. This unique and independent position enables us to provide your organization with our unparalleled service.