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NBAS ICT Health Check

The network infrastructure of your organization is like a highway. When the construction is well thought out, all the traffic will pass through fast and swiftly without delay or congestion. With satisfied employees as a result. NBAS assists you in your search for the best network solution for your organization, using our NBAS ICT Health Check

The right balance between your network requirements and network costs

From the perspective of the management of your organization, a reduction of the monthly recurring costs of the network infrastructure is desired. From the perspective of the IT manager, it is important that the network is secure, reliable and 
future-proof, but also scalable and flexible, allowing smooth and quick changes to be implemented, when necessary.

NBAS can examine this for your organization with use of the NCIS and the unique and independent position which NBAS has taken in the data- and telecommunications market. This position allows NBAS to deliver high quality network infrastructure and services in over 200 countries worldwide on a short term at very competitive rates.

The objective of the NBAS ICT Health Check

NBAS performs NBAS ICT Health Check with one clear objective:
Take inventory of your current infrastructure and its costs. And realizing a cost savings on your fixed monthly recurring charges.

These savings can reach up to 40%. And if there are no savings to be realized, you will know that your current pricing is still competitive.

The NBAS ICT Health Check method (3 steps)


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Next NBAS will discuss with you whether the existing services meet your current (perhaps now changed) requirements. Together with you NBAS determines if there is under-or over-capacity for particular locations and if necessary, NBAS will create a new design for your infrastructure.


NBAS will analyze current market pricing for your current or your newly designed infrastructure and will provide feedback in the form of a NBAS quotation. This allows you to determine at a glance whether a quality improvement or cost savings can be realized.

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