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What we do for System Integrators

As an Independent Network Solutions Provider, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched value and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging our expertise in designing, building, and maintaining networks, we empower system integrators to optimize operations and drive business growth. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you benefit from the best prices available anywhere in the world.

When partnering with us, you can take advantage of our five key points that are essential for System Integrators:

Fast Price Offers

Fast price offers based on clients' requirements: We understand the importance of time in your industry. That's why we strive to provide you with swift and accurate price offers tailored to your clients' specific needs. With multiple network options, bandwidth choices, and contract term flexibility, we offer a range of solutions to ensure you find the perfect fit.


Fast Implementation Times

Fast implementation times with a dedicated project manager: We recognize the significance of efficiency when it comes to project implementation. Therefore, we provide you with a dedicated project manager who ensures a seamless implementation process. Leveraging our extensive experience and streamlined procedures, we achieve rapid implementation times, enabling you to swiftly kickstart your projects.


Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility of connections and bandwidths, even during the contract period: We understand that your requirements may evolve as your projects progress. Hence, we offer scalability and flexibility in both connections and bandwidths. You can easily make adjustments to your network needs, even during the duration of the contract, ensuring you always have the right capacity to meet your demands.


Redundancy and Failover

Redundancy and failover solutions based on multiple physically separated networks with NBAS as a single partner: Reliability is the highest priority in your operations, and we have you covered. Our redundancy and failover solutions are built on multiple physically separated networks. This ensures continuous connectivity and minimal downtime, with NBAS serving as your trusted and sole partner.


Best Pricing and Most Cost-Effective 

Best pricing and most cost-effective due to our strategic wholesale position: We understand that price is a significant consideration in your decision-making process. With our strategic wholesale position, we can offer you the best pricing and most cost-effective solutions. You benefit from competitive rates and valuable savings, boosting your profitability.

Modern Architecture

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We invite you to engage in a discussion to explore how NBAS can contribute to the success of your projects.

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