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Contact Center Service

UIFN numbers and ITFS numbers / Call Center Services


Worldwide reachability is of great importance to your organization:  not only does it strengthen your international corporate identity, it  shows that you care for your customers’ well-being and it gives your  company a trustworthy and professional image.

As the calling party does not make any costs for the call, you  optimize your service to the fullest. NBA Services has a lot of  experience with delivering high quality Contact Center Services towards  its customers.


UIFN: All countries, one unique number.


“UIFN” means “Universal International Free phone Number”. Through a  UIFN number you improve the reachability of your organization abroad:  You will be reachable from every required country via one and the same  recognizable number, like 00800-callsony or 00800-callnike. This  standardization is pleasant for your customer. A UIFN number exists of 8  figures (after 00800). Registration of UIFN numbers falls under the  umbrella of the ITU (

A UIFN number starts with “00800” and is therefore the international  version of the “0800” number. All of your customers know how to find you  on one clear and recognizable number. This way you will be virtually  reachable, also in countries where you do not have any physical offices.  You have a telephone entry for customers who want to report outages or  malfunctions, or who have questions or remarks concerning your product  brochures. UIFN numbers are often printed on labels of various consumer  products. The minimum number of countries where this service has to be  activated is 5 countries. If you want to know in which countries we can  activate your UIFN number, don’t hesitate to contact us!


ITFS: In every country one unique number.


“ITFS” means “International Toll Free Service”. In the Netherlands  also known as the free 0800-servicenumber. An ITFS number has to be  requested separately in every country, because it is a different number  per country: every country has its own number with its own unique digit  combination. This is a disadvantage compared to a UIFN number, however  ITFS numbers can be requested in more countries, and in general ITFS  numbers are more recognizable as being a “free of charge” number.


Do you already have UIFN or ITFS numbers?


It is very well possible that your company already makes use of UIFN  or ITFS numbers. If this is the case, then it can be worthwhile to ask  NBA Services to see if we can realize better pricing for your company.  Our unique position in the carrier market ( wholesale agreements with  the top 5 suppliers) could help you realize significant savings.

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