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Your (virtual) ICT environment: Hosted both reliably and centrally


With the increase of virtualization and centralization of ICT  environments, a growing number of applications, services and complete  server set-ups move “into the cloud”. More and more companies with  multiple (inter)national offices choose to place their applications and  services into one central place in the network.

The big advantage is the simplicity it brings along looking at system  integration, patches and upgrades, and disaster recovery procedures  that can be simplified. Also, the increasing demand for flex/ home  workers is a reason for companies to choose for a Hosted ICT  environment.


Hosting and Co-Location


For such a centralized environment, it is expected to meet all  technical demands. This includes the right (redundant) power supply,  area temperatures, ventilation and protection against water and fire.  Sufficient bandwidth capacity and high availability are of great  importance in order to guarantee the continuity of business operations,  as the convenience of one central environment brings along the danger  that the entire company could suffer from low availability or  insufficient capacity.


Through our Partner Agreements, NBA Services offers Hosting and  Co-location services that meet the latest technical specifications,  including high bandwidth capacity and high availability in over 160  countries across the globe. Because these services can be offered on  different geographical locations, it is also possible to store large  amounts of data off-site.



Out of the various physical devices (servers) within an average  organization, only 20% to 40% of the capacity of the available server is  being used. With virtualization it is possible to decrease the total  number of servers by more than 50%, by migrating several physical  devices to a smaller number of virtual machines. Some advantages are:


  • lower software-and hardware costs

  • less complexity

  • lower management/maintenance/energy costs

  • speeding up the disaster recovery procedure


Centralizing and virtualizing your ICT environment is always a  customized project. Ask NBA Services about the possibilities for your  organization.

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