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Hosted VoIP
(Cloud Telephony)

Hosted IP Telephony – your fixed line within reach, anywhere.

With IP Telephony or Voice over IP (VoIP), the IP-Network is being  used as a carrier to transport Voice. This makes it possible to handle  Voice over data networks and the possibility arises to combine the  traditionally separated worlds of Voice and Data.

This means that only one infrastructure is now necessary, and in  addition new products and services are possible, such as IVR,  fax-to-email, voicemail to email etc.

Many companies are ready to replace their old PABX / telephone  exchange and more often they choose to outsource their telephony  infrastructure. However in these times high investments are not welcome,  which is why many companies choose Hosted IP Telephony.

Companies with multiple offices can, by using Hosted IP Telephony,  make use of leased lines to the fullest: by using the same bandwidth for  Voice and Data it is now possible to call for free between the offices,  leading to a cost advantage. Because existing data connections are  being used, prices are lower than when using a classic phone connection.  This is especially interesting for international phone calls or  internal calls within the organization.

Another advantage is that an internal telephone can be connected to  an IP-Address and not specifically to a telephone number. This way an  employee can log in on any telephone and retrieve his/her number and  settings. Previously this was only possible by forwarding the number to  the home address or mobile phone, which brings along high costs. You can  even “take” your telephone with you on your laptop by using a Soft  phone. On top of that, office environments need less in-house cabling  because the computer and telephone can be connected to one single port.

With NBA Services’ Hosted IP Telephony Solution, your company does  not need to invest in an expensive PABX/Phone exchange, instead you pay a  fix price per workplace, per month, making high investments  unnecessary. Your company will be connected directly on the NBA Services  network. Now you can profit of the advantages that this IP Telephony  Service has to offer:

  • A fixed and low amount per employee per month

  • You keep your existing phone numbers

  • Up to 40% advantage on call charges

  • All possibilities of a modern PABX

  • Online overview on your call charges

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