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Wide Are Network Services (WAN)

Wide Area Network (WAN) Services

Your company has multiple offices across the country, across Europe or even across the World. And you aim to efficiently connect the networks of the various locations.

You want to be able to prioritize certain types of traffic  like video or voice.

You are looking for ONE provider for a reliable and future-proof corporate network, under ONE contract and ONE Invoice, carefully managed and monitor by ONE Network Operations Centre.

With NBAS’ WAN Service, you will get tailor made connectivity that suit your individual offices.

All connections will be delivered including a NBAS managed device and the WAN Service will be monitored 24 x7 x365. You will always have online access to the monitoring system in order to be up to date about the performance of your network connections.

NBAS’ WAN Service gives you the possibility to seamlessly converge your data, voice, and video over one single connection. You can prioritize your traffic (Video, Voice, Data) which makes this service perfect for critical applications.




Our high performance, global, end-to-end managed IPVPN Service with corresponding end-to-end SLA’s for network performance with optimal guarantees.




Times have changed. The increased deployment of cloud, SaaS, video and mobile applications has challenged IT and business managers to provide high‐quality WAN services even to the branch and personal level. Deploying and managing the WAN has become more challenging and costly as traffic flows decentralize. SD-WAN Service combines Internet economics (internet connections are relatively cheap and worldwide available) with the ease of adoption and management of complex or demanding networks.          




NBAS’ Layer 2 Virtual Private Network Services are provided via a high capacity IP/MPLS core network. L2VPNS are supported using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), allowing Ethernet Layer 2, fully-meshed, secure connectivity across a metropolitan area network or wide area network.

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