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Why Choose NBAS?


Over 25 years of experience and excellent reputation. NBAS was founded in 1997 as a provider of data and telecommunication services for the aviation industry. In 25 years NBAS has grown into a supplier of a wide range of ICT services to the SME+ market.


NBAS is a flexible Dutch organization. Our support is not outsourced abroad. Dutch or English-speaking help desk. Always an Dutch or English-speaking support employee.


One fixed point of contact for all your questions: Your assigned account manager within NBAS.


Clear and organized invoices with break-downs and specifications. With your Purchase Order stated on the invoice. Your VAT number or other purchase references. Does your invoice need to be uploaded to a portal? No problem either.


24/7 support. Depending on your SLA, our helpdesk employees can be reached 24/7 via a special helpdesk telephone number. Therefore, your organization is also assured of technical support outside office hours.

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