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video as a service

Video as a Service

Videoconferencing: Remote Conferencing in HD Quality

If you are used to having meetings within your organization on a monthly, weekly or even on a daily base, for example with your offices abroad or with other domestic offices, then a high-end Videoconferencing Solution can really be a value-added service for your company, while at the same time significant calculable savings in (traveling)time, (traveling) costs and Hotel costs can be realized.

In “Private Life” people have been using webcams for years to see the grandchildren, to chat with family that lives abroad, or just to make sure that everything is fine at home. Many people think that it is very functional that besides hearing each other talk, it is also possible to see one another. Other examples that emphasize that videoconferencing is gaining acceptance are video calling (using your mobile/smart phone) and Skype /MSN.

At the highest level of International Business, Videoconferencing as a service has been around for a long time. Market leaders such as Tandberg and Polycom were founded in the early nineties, long before the Internet became dominant.

Videoconferencing still has the image to be a luxury good, only to be used by multinationals. However, with the current possibilities and available technologies in the market today, in combination with the tremendous increase of bandwidth, Videoconferencing has now become accessible for nearly any company.

Especially since different “flavours” are available: one could start by using simple desktop-systems (for management or remote workers), or make use of totally decorated boardrooms with identical interior and lights, making it look like you are actually in one room with your colleague (Telepresence)

In the meantime, many companies now make use of fiber connections with unlimited bandwidth capacity, directly resulting in a growing demand for Videoconferencing. Fiber connections give your company an excellent and solid Videoconferencing infrastructure .

Other advantages besides travel time/travel expenses:

  • Increase of productivity of your people (labour)

  • Personalized communications between your staff

  • Faster and more efficient decision-making

  • The possibility to conference / meet frequently, ad hoc

  • Smooth sharing of knowledge/information

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions / carbon footprint

  • Shorter (communication) lines with branch offices

  • Multipointing

  • NBAS Managed Video Service: Video as a Service

NBA Services introduces Video as a Service (VaaS). This Full Service model for video communication allows NBA Services’ customers to fully concentrate on their core-business, by outsourcing the management and support of the Video platform to NBA Services. This Full Service model for video communication can offer:

  • The Equipment (Video hardware e.g. endpoints , camera / codec / audio etc. )

  • The NBAS Managed Video Service (Managing all endpoints, setting up meetings)

  • Worldwide network connectivity through our strong Partner Channel

All this for a fixed monthly rate based on a contract for 3, 4 or 5 years. This service offers our customers a maximum of comfort with not a single thing to worry about; excellent scalability, always operable, automatical regular reporting and extra features without investing in expensive network infrastructure products. Besides our expertise it saves over Eur 150,000,- on network infrastructure products.

This important part of VaaS ( Video as a Service) ensures a trouble-free availability of the International Video Communication network, as well as increased functionality for the users and management. All the services mentioned below are part of this offer. The equipment involved is located at the NBAS Data Center in Amsterdam.

Video Communication network management

Management of the entire video communication estate is performed by our engineers with the aid of the TANDBERG Management Suite (TMS) . TMS performs device management and configuration, as well as detailed system-by-system monitoring and reporting functions. It also offers call scheduling, making it even easier to hold video meetings. Just walk into the meeting room, sit down and the meeting can start. TMS provides us with all necessary information about the health of the entire Mechtronix video communication network. Automated messaging from the TMS to the engineers ensures that a malfunctioning system is detected before it can trouble the users. Direct action is taken to fix the problem.

Possible functionalities

A further advantage of our VaaS-Solution is that we add extra functionalities, without the need to invest in special equipment, rack space, ISDN circuits or engineers to manage it. The extra functionalities are:

Central registration with dialing plans and URI dialing

By registering all of Mechtronix’ video communication units to the NBAS managed video network, all the connected units get a specific ID / alias. From this point an IP address is of minor importance: you can pick up a system, connect it to another network and you can still reach this unit with the same number from the dialing plan. In combination with TMS a corporate phonebook is uploaded in all the registered video systems. We also make sure that if new systems are added, the phonebook will be updated and made available to the users.

Firewall traversal service

The customer’s International Video Communication Network is a closed community. Firewalls are blocking video and audio traffic. Firewall traversal technology makes it possible to make IP calls over the Internet without the need for Public IP addresses or router configuring. This service can also be used to connect the video network to the mobile video users, “road warriors” who don’t have a VPN link to the corporate network.

ISDN Gateway Service

This service offers connectivity from the IP-based Video Communication Network to ISDN connected systems, at any location anywhere in the world. We wil provide your video meeting room with a fixed dial-in number where Telephone users can join the meetings.

MultiSite service

The MCU (Multisite Control Unit) makes it possible to have meetings up to 20 locations at the same time. You can create virtual (private) meeting rooms where people can join a video meeting. In combination with the planning module in the management system, Multisite meetings can be set up to operate fully automatically. This MCU is connected to the internet with a 100Mbps glass fiber connection, to ensure perfect quality for all participants during a MultiSite call.

Recording service

The Recording service can be used to record video meetings, or e.g. to capture the weekly personal speech by the CEO. The Video message can then be distributed among all International employees or stakeholders. To watch the video on a PC, simply click on the URL and enter a password.

Reporting Service

The management system can generate reports of almost every possible parameter in the Video Communication Network: the systems’ usage, the travelling costs savings, the reduction of CO2 greenhouse gasses, the number of incidents,etc. This important reporting tool creates the base for improving the customer’s communication structures with substantial cost savings and increased competitiveness as a result.

The VideoButler

In order to help our customers to really use and adopt Video on a daily base, and to help them get used to the service, NBAS offers a live operator who schedules your meetings for you, and makes sure that the Videomeetings take place without any problems. During your meetings the VideoButler is available by pushing the VideoButler button for any kind of questions or needed support. Maximum ease of use and the comfort of always having someone around to help you.

How easy can it be?

Flexibility in scaling

The entire managed video network is set up in a very scalable way. Increasing the number of video communication systems can be achieved very easily. Preconfigured video communication systems are plugged into the network and are immediately up and running and part of the video communiction community. The monthly rate is adapted to the actual number of systems in the Video Communications Network.