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Your company has multiple offices across the country, across Europe ,or even across the World, and you aim to connect the networks of the various locations, for instance for home workers or sales representatives. You are looking for ONE provider for a reliable and future-proof corporate network, with strict security measures and permanent availability for your voice-and-data communication. Also, you want to be able to prioritize certain types of traffic, like Video or Voice.

With NBA’s IPVPN Service, you will get tailor made connections for your offices ,who in general all have their own specific requirements and needs. For example a fiber connection, radio link or leased line for your corporate headquarters and DSL connections for the branch offices. All connections will be delivered including Managed Routers and the IPVPN Service will be monitored 24 x7 x365. You will always have online access to the monitoring system in order to be up to date about the performance of your network connections.

NBA’s IPVPN Service gives you the possibility to seamlessly converge your data, voice, and video over one single IP connection. You can prioritize your traffic (Video, Voice, Data) through our Class of Service (CoS),which makes this service perfect for critical applications.

NBA’s IPVPN Service is available in over 160 countries. The security of your (data)traffic is guaranteed because your (data)traffic never leaves your network. NBA’s IPVPN Service offers you the best possible end-to-end service guarantees looking at availability, latency, packet loss and jitter.

What is “MPLS”?

“MPLS” means “Multi Protocol Label Switching” , a unique and independent label is added to each and every separate data packet, and this label is being used to switch and route the packet through the network. MPLS is “Internet Protocol Aware” and works perfectly over older standards such as ATM, Frame Relay or Ethernet.

Furthermore, MPLS supports services that include “Quality of Service-guarantees”: data packets can be marked as “ High Priority” making it possible to realize very low end-to-end roundtrip times, for example for Voice and Video. Traffic planning is possible, by explicitly routing the traffic more traffic fits in the available bandwidth.

Your companies Monthly Recurring Charges ( MRC’s)

Almost every company has different needs and requirements for their network, making every customer unique. This asks for tailor-made solutions, which is causing huge pricing differences for comparable services. NBA Services is looking for the right balance between your network requirements and your Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC’s) . What would your MRC be at three other providers that are able to offer you the same service?

Geographical coverage

Huge pricing differences arise, because the different providers of MPLS IPVPN networks all have different geographical coverage. If a potential customer asks for a location that is not covered, the provider will look for a competitor who does have coverage in this location, hence the pricing difference.