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Fiber to the office

Fiber to the office

Fiber connections / Fiber to the Office

The number of available services that demand more or higher bandwidth, is growing rapidly. The rise of fiber connections cannot be ignored: slowly but surely more and more companies decide to switch from their traditional infrastructure (copper wire, DSL, E1) towards modern, ultra-fast and future-proof fiber connections.

This development in ongoing for both the Business-to-Business segment and end-users / consumers: people /residents join forces and take the initiative together to get fiber connections to their houses, farms, apartments, cities or villages, and they can count on government grants / support.

Prices for fiber connections are rapidly approaching the prices for the traditional copper connections and in many cases it is already cheaper to have fiber (for bandwidths up to 10 Mbps). This makes fiber an interesting carrier for Medium / Large enterprises that have growing amounts of data exchange.

Fiber connections are, because of the unlimited capacity and speed (light) , also perfectly fit for converging different types of traffic (data/video/voice) . In addition, a fiber connection is autonomous and your data can travel long distances at light speed without any trouble through the sophisticated laser technique.

Fiber connections: What can NBA Services do for you?

For fiber connections, NBA Services has partnered with the following providers: KPN Wholesale, Eurofiber , Tele2 Wholesale, BBNed and Priority (UPC), giving us an excellent position looking at the pricing differences. Through our Wholesale Agreements with these (domestic) fiber providers we can offer you all IP-based services which we will install, configure, manage and monitor. Examples of IP-based services are common services like Internet, (MPLS) IPVPN, Voice over IP (VoIP)/IPT, Videoconferencing, Back-up and recovery, etc. For more information have a look at our product-page.

One office building, multiple companies? Join forces!

Many office buildings have multiple tenants, from different branches. However, all companies need Internet connectivity. Therefore it is recommended for these companies to join forces and in that way get a better price for the One-off costs to get a fiber connection into the building. Without negotiating with your fellow-tenants, it is very well possible that several tenants in the same building are paying the maximum MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) to their fiber provider, whereas one fiber connection already has unlimited capacity, making it unnecessary to have as many fibers as there are tenants.

Industrial Areas / Business Parks

The same principal goes for the industrial areas and Business Parks: the more companies participate in a request for fiber, the better the price will be for One-off costs (digging) , the required permits only need to be issued once, and the Monthly Recurring Costs (MRC’s) are substantially lower. If there is no fiber connection available in your Area, don’t hesitate to ask NBA Services to do a feasibility study.