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Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access

Ultra-fast and reliable Internet – Your companies lifeline with the outside world

Internet Access, it is hard to imagine companies working without it. Running your business properly is not only depending on the availability of fast Internet, Internet has become an essential part of most business processes. NBA Services offers you several methods of Internet Access ,like ADSL,SDLS, Leased Lines (copper) or Fiber connections, but also complex Internet Access (IP Transit) for ISP’s and large companies.

NBA Services offers direct Internet Access in over 160 countries via the next generation standard IPv4/IPv6 network. We have a fitting solution for any type of company.

Some of the Service Features are:

  • Port speeds from 64Kbps up to 10 Gbps

  • Managed and Unmanaged Service Options

  • High Availability Guarantees up to 100%

  • Peering with over 40 ISP’s

  • Worldwide 24×7 monitoring

  • IP addressing

  • Domain Name Services

  • Domain Name Registration and Administration

  • Store and forward email service

  • News Feeds

  • BGP-4 Routing

  • Back-up Services

  • Load Sharing

  • Remote VPN Access

  • Seamless integration with MPLS IPVPN networks