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It is highly recommended for companies to annually verify or review the MRC’s (Monthly Recurring Charges) which they pay for their data-and-telecommunication services. NBA Services has taken a unique and Independent position between the largest and most professional providers of data-and-telecommunication services worldwide and is therefore able to give you feedback on the pricing differences between your current provider and other potential providers.

If you want NBA Services to compare the pricing of your current services to the pricing of several other leading providers, please feel free to consult us for a free of charge financial health check:

  1. First of all together with you we will accurately take inventory of your existing data-and telecommunication infrastructure (number of locations, requested speeds, access methods, voice /fax, remote access etc.) NBA Services will summarize this for you in a document that includes a network topology;

  2. Next up, we will discuss if your existing services still match your requirements. Together we decide if there is sufficient bandwidth / capacity for your services, creating a new data-and-telecom design for all your IT Services;

  3. With this new and updated design we will approach our Partners that are able to deliver these services by placing a RFP (Request for Proposal);

  4. We will provide you with several proposals (of all Partners that are able to meet your needs and requirements) so you can see at a glance what your new Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) can be.

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