Mechtronix Systems

Canadian-based manufacturer of Full Flight Simulators Mechtronix has selected NBAS as global provider for its worldwide communications requirements, in a three year, million euro agreement. NBAS will manage Mechtronix’ worldwide global converged IP network infrastructure. This MPLS based IPVPN connects Mechtronix’ offices and customers in Europe, Asia and North America. In addition NBAS has delivered Tandberg high-end video conferencing endpoints and networking equipment.

“We needed a reliable partner for cost-effective IP services (video, voice and data) that would assure high quality performance to help the implementation of a high definition video conferencing service. NBA Services has been very effective in the design for an intercontinental MPLS IPVPN that will allow full IP convergence and future growth.”, says Mechtronix CEO Fernando Petruzziello.

HECC Alliance

Leading technology companies all over the world connect with their customers @HECC. HECC Alliance operates as their helpdesk, providing the best possible customer experience to achieve optimal customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty.Since 1994 HECC has been providing these services in 21 European languages.including 8 East European languages from offices in both the Netherlands and Romania.

Since 2003 NBA Services provides over 110 Contact Center Service numbers to HECC in 21 countries. “NBA Services is one of the few companies that can actually offer a worldwide telecom network service with such possibilities, flexibility and geographical spread.” says HECC Alliance’s CEO Hans Jansen. HECC’s core business is managing customer contacts for their clients. HECC’s goal is to enhance customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.

Teeuwissen Holding

Teeuwissen Holding, one of Europe’s largest companies in (meat) by-products, has decided to switch their network infrastructure to fiber via NBA Services as per August 2010. By doing so, Teeuwissen now has a solid and futureproof infrastructure, allowing them to look at services such as VoIP or Videoconferencing.

About Teeuwissen

Since the beginning of the 1970s the Teeuwissen Group has grown to become one of Europe’s largest specializing in (meat) by-products and casings from all kinds of animals. Teeuwissen was founded with the mission to collect raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. Since then, their innovative and efficient procedures for sourcing and packing have set international standards for all major producers of pharmaceuticals.

Within a couple of years Teeuwissen became the leading supplier in the world. Today, Teeuwissen is a prominent player in fifth quarter products. Although their scope has changed, the philosophy has always remained the same: To create win-win situations for everyone involved.

Nowadays, not a single quarter of any animal is excluded from the product range. Teeuwissen takes pride in what we have become, An enterprise:

  • with hundreds of skilful people of all nationalities working together in a pleasant environment
  • with millions of kilos turned over each week
  • with joint ventures and branches on nearly every continent
  • with the manpower, equipment and experience to produce to strict HACCP standards
  • with the understanding of international regulations needed to ensure proper transport
  • with the know-how for delivering to customer specification
  • with our own production units, cold stores and worldwide suppliers to keep you supplied even when availability is tight or curtailed by animal disease