Video Communication requires specialization. That’s exactly what iMotions has to offer. With years of experience the video communication specialists of iMotions have implemented and supported their solutions for a large number of (international) customers, among which Ahold, municipalities, security organizations and the complete Dutch Professional Soccer league.

iMotions VaaS-system (video as a Service) secures the availability of the video communication at all times. And the Video Butler provides your employees of truly personal support at literally the push of a button.

Not only does iMotions provide fully managed and serviced video communication solutions, peripheral devices, network components, management application and additional services are also provided by iMotions.


Inteliquent is a global company, providing a range of voice and data services to customers based in over 80 countries across six continents. Inteliquent provides innovative solutions to the complex challenges tied to interconnection and interoperability.

Inteliquent interconnects hundreds of different carriers, content providers and service providers to make one seamless, scalable and reliable network. If the network fails, business stops, and Inteliquent takes that responsibility very seriously. That is why some of the largest carriers across the globe trust them with their traffic.

KPN Wholesale

The telecommunications market is expanding thanks to new technologies and services. New parties have entered the market. Competition is opening the door to new opportunities. Service providers and operators need to remain alert because end-users can choose the provider of their own choice.

In this competitive market, each party’s success is determined by its price/performance ratio.

KPN Wholesale welcomes the opportunity to participate in this era of telecommunications. We have launched numerous initiatives in response to the growing number of market parties.

We are part of KPN, a reliable company quoted on the stock exchange. As an innovative, efficient and market-driven organization, KPN Wholesale serves millions of customers connected to our network and are pleased to provide services to new entrants in the Dutch marketplace.

Our National Services

As a network operator, reseller or Internet Service Provider you want to reach everyone in the Netherlands. Either to offer them your services or connect your customers to them. We provide you with access and services to our Dutch nationwide network and to end-users connected to it.

Fibre based Business Services

You want to offer your customers fibre access for high data-rates, low latency, non-overbooked, high availability and transparent services. With the largest footprint in the Netherlands, KPN Wholesale can offer you several fibre based services that will suit your needs. Ranging from Ethernet services where you can add VLAN’s at your customers need, to DWDM, Dark Fibres and of course SDH. KPN Wholesale can support you to connect your customers and help you to fill the gaps in your transmission network.


Whether your needs encompass broadband, voice, data or multimedia communications – including readily accessible audio-, video- or Web-conferencing — Level3 can provide you the telecommunications solution to meet your needs.

Business Demands it. Level 3 Delivers it.

Level 3 Communications® is an international communications company, headquartered in Broomfield, CO. We are one of only six Tier 1 Internet providers in the world. Ranked as one of the most connected Internet Service Providers (ISPs), our expanding assets have solidified our position as one of the largest IP transit networks in North America and Europe.

Powerful Communication Solutions, Personally Delivered.

We believe in comprehensive solutions and collaboration. We deliver premier data, video and voice services — for open IP Tone capabilities to businesses and carriers. Our focus goes beyond the performance of your services to the quality of your experience. We won’t design your solution without first understanding your challenges. The combination of our world-class, scalable network with our suite of innovative services equips you with end-to-end communications solutions you can rely on.


OneXS offers organizations and businesses hosted IP telephony services. OneXS offers an enterprise virtual phone system which doesn’t require a premise based telephony switch or local ISDN / analog telephone lines.

OneXS offers managed IP services connecting you office(s) secure and reliable with the OneXS telephony network. OneXS can equal or improve the reliability and quality of traditional telephony solutions. If at (some) locations the reliability of Internet is good enough (e.g. home workers) OneXS can offer the telephony services over the Internet, not requiring a OneXS managed IP connection.

Benefits of OneXS hosted IP telephony:

  • No need to purchase a PABX
  • OneXS maintenance and software upgrades are included
  • Transparent costs: subscription, traffic, infrastructure and maintenance are included in the service, a single bill per organization.
  • Increased reliability and no unexpected maintenance- and repair costs
  • No scalability issues, the system scales economically from a few to thens of thousands of extensions
  • The service offers advanced features, often only available in large enterprise systems, in both small and large office configurations
  • Professional attendant services which can be shared by multiple locations
  • No more need for ISDN and analog phone line subscriptions per office location, OneXS offers centralized PSTN access
  • OneXS bundles all customer voice traffic and can therefore offer up to 40% cost reduction on phone calls
  • The availability of sets, subscribers, external numbers and features is not bounded to a single location, this simplifies adding new offices, relocating offices, and adding home workers to the system

Tele2 Wholesale

Tele2 Wholesale works as a special team of dedicated professionals within the Tele2 organisation, which specifically focuses on commercial, operational and technical services for wholesale partners.


  • 1995: Versatel enters the business market in the Netherlands
  • 1999: Versatel launches Zon Internet: the first free internet provider in the Netherlands
  • 2000: Versatel is the first telecom operator with a wholesale and retail DSL supply for the business and consumer market.
  • 2002: First provider to introduce local IP-VPN services.
  • 2005: Versatel introduces the first Carrier Ethernet Network in the Netherlands
  • 2005: Tele2 announces the purchase of Versatel and the take over is completed at the start of 2007, resulting in a complete portfolio for the new company
  • 2007: Tele2 is the fastest growing telecom operator as a result of innovative and competitive propositions in the adult Dutch broadband market.
  • 2008: Tele2 expands its portfolio for all key customer segments and thereby becomes a fully fledged KPN alternative.

Short reporting lines ensure we can maintain an end-to-end overview of the services we provide our customers with. Plus we keep our quality standards very high. Tele2 Wholesales’ close-knit team boasts many years of experience. Tele2Wholesales’ low staff turnover is proof of the fact that they with pride and commitment look after their customers’ needs.

Services and Products

Tele2 Wholesale offers you the largest alternative Ethernet network in the Netherlands. Tele2 Wholesale’s network is based upon different infrastructures such as copper, radio and fibre optics.

Tele2 Wholesale has a broad range of data services, which operators and service providers use to offer both consumers and companies custom made services. Telecom service providers compile their own portfolios with the data services.

Tele2 Wholesale’s future proof broadband products give wholesale customers the flexibility of offering broadband services under their own name. Tele2 Wholesale helps its wholesale customers to achieve an optimal result by providing technical support during the portfolio development phase.