NBAS experienced significant growth in 2013

As part of the Xfluence group, NBAS has experienced a significant growth last year. With a team of experts and a clear project approach and focus, NBAS provides her customers with proven solutions in the areas of connectivity (MPLS IPVPN) VoIP, Videoconferencing and contact center services. In addition to direct acquisition, implementation and support channels, NBAS expanded with a strategic approach by engaging into alliances with partners in order to increase client value.

According to Edwin Bijl, salesmanager of NBAS. “We see that our partners are focusing more and more on their core business like cloud and Data center services’’.

“It gives our partners more freedom and better total cost of ownership by unburden them with the entire connectivity implementation like an MPLS service. We see this also as an acknowledgement of our commitment towards our partners as they transfer their national and international connectivity more and more to NBAS. We give them on one side the flexibility and attention they deserve and on the other side the feeling that they are served by a big player. ’’ Edwin continued.

“NBAS’ strategic approach has clearly paid off . With our national and international proposition, NBAS creates and adds value to her customers and partners”, adds Rakesh Sewnarain, CEO of the Xfluence group. “With the efforts and dedication of our professionals, our organisation brings the flexibility and strength that the market demands”.

NBAS moves to new office in Amsterdam

NBAS and the Xfluence group share a new office in the Dreeftoren on the southeast side of Amsterdam since the 1st of November. NBAS moved into this office building 10 years ago and has chosen to continue to operate from the Dreeftoren for the next 3 years. The recognition of this beautiful office building and the accessibility of Amsterdam -Zuidoost, both by car and public transport, for customers and staff were the deciding factors.

Since the cooperation with the Xfluence group, the two companies have considered various options to operate from one location. Due to the growth of both NBAS and the Xfluence group in the past year, the companies had outgrown their office space. After looking at several different options in the area, the companies opted to lease, half the sixth floor at the Dreeftoren. The new office space meets the current capacity needs and enables further growth for both companies in the future.

The Dreeftoren has proven to be a trusted and successful location for the business over the years. NBAS and the Xfluence group will operate out of this new, and at the same time, trusted location for the next 3 years. The visit and postal address as well as telephone numbers remain unchanged.

HECC Alliance and NBAS celebrate 10 years of cooperation

Ten years ago, HECC, the successful international contact center for outsourced technical helpdesk support and customer care services, selected the independent data and telecom specialist NBAS(‘Nothing But Air’ Services), for organizing, setting up and commissioning of contact center services and specific call routing, call management and call collection from over 30 countries.

In today’s dynamic market you can see a clear shift in the focus of companies towards their core business and in particular their expertise. In strategic partnership we are able to work more flexibly and effectively. “We offer our customers such as Corel and Honeywell value to quickly and cost-effectively reach a full international contact center that is already equipped and setup for use,” says Hans Jansen CEO of HECC. “Together with our strategic partner NBAS, we are ready to implement our fast and flexible services in more than 100 countries as we already do in over 30 countries,” continues Hans.

According to Edwin Bijl, Sales Manager at NBAS, it is particularly the independent position and network experience of NBAS that leads to the most effective solution that can be presented quickly. “It is important to consider local requirements, regulations and wishes when setting up for example, toll free, PSTN, UIFN or premium rate numbers in each country,” continues Danny Witschge, Technical Director of NBAS.

About HECC Alliance:

HECC Alliance, since 1994, has been a successful and international (Netherlands and Romania) multilingual (21 European languages) contact center for outsourcing, 1st, 2nd and 3rd line technical helpdesk support and customer care services. Clients include B2B and B2C organizations.
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