NBAS selected by Ashland Services

Today, independent international network solutions provider NBAS announced it has signed a contract with Ashland, a global leader in providing specialty chemicals, technologies and expertise to customers worldwide. The partnership includes the organization, commissioning and management of contact center services and specific call routing, call collection and call management for Ashland in more than 50 countries all over Europe.

NBAS contact center service allows companies to be reachable on a local or toll-free number in over 100 countries worldwide. The incoming calls and faxes can be routed to any office location and agent in the world.

“Our organisation in general, and our contact center business unit in particular, are supporting companies by porting, arranging and managing all contact center numbers in their field of operations and routing all incoming calls and/or faxes to the right entity office and agent. This also encompasses the consideration of, and adaptation to, local requirements and regulations,“ says Edwin Bijl, Sales Manager, NBAS. “As a global supplier of national and international PSTN, Toll-Free, UIFN and premium-rate numbers, we are proud to support Ashland’s global accessibility.”

“Satisfying customers is embedded in Ashland’s culture and the cooperation with NBAS has strengthened the fast deployment of our different contact centers and accessibility for our customers,“ said Karin van Heugten, service support manager EMEA, Ashland Services B.V. “NBAS’ end-to-end setup of our international number accessibility increases the value to our partners and customers.“

Medilex chooses NBAS

Medilex Onderwijs (Education) (Zeist) has selected NBAS to optimize their digital accessibility through a newly installed fiber connection.
“as an independent party, the way that NBAS managed this project was very adequate and satisfying.”, says Kevein Blommert, director of Medliex Onderwijs. “NBAS succeeded to swiftly complete the project successfully and it was very pleasant for us to work with a single point of contact who unburdens us .” Kevin continued.

“It’s satisfying to know that our added value has helped Medilex Onderwijs by installing a new fiber connection in a short time frame, despite the frost and holiday season. And a welcome new client to our educational client portfolio.” Says Edwin Bijl, Sales manager at NBAS. “Our technical team, together with our partner, have shown speed and flexibility with creating a stable new infrastructure for Medilex Onderwijs.” Adds Danny Witschge, CTO of NBAS.
Medilex Onderwijs (Zeist) is an organisation which organizes seminars, conferences and courses for education professionals.

For more information about Medilex Onderwijs, please visit

OOM Verzekeringen selects NBAS for data- and telecommunication services

OOM Verzekeringen, specializing in fire insurance and insurance abroad, has selected the independent data and telecom specialist NBAS for their Telecommunications and Data services. Currently in the first phase; NBAS is guiding and coordinating the move of the digital infrastructure of OOM, to their new Head office in a beautiful monumental building in Rijswijk. NBAS in also laying a dedicated Fiber to the new location.

The first phase of the project will include a variety of specialized tasks, such as coordination and relocation of IT equipment, Data and Telecom connections. These tasks include, workplace management, VoIP telephony solutions, and deploying Telecommunications and data infrastructure. NBAS will carry out the implementation of the new network switches, cabling, and the wireless network. Details of the work include patching of fiber, installation of switches in the new workplace and completion of all connections.

In addition, during the implementation phase NBAS has arranged for a backup facility to ensure the accessibility of internet services for OOM.

According to Richard Siere, foreign insurance manager at OOM “NBAS can carry out this project with the expertise they have and can also rely on specialized knowledge and any additional manpower from Xfluence group, which NBAS is part of since 2012.”

“We are very proud to have gained the trust of OOM Verzekeringen for the relocation of their digital infrastructure to the new Head office building, and to be able to supervise and coordinate,” said Danny Witschge, Technical Director of NBAS. “The technical expertise of NBAS and the added value of our project management will ensure that OOM would be able to focus on their core business during the planned move.” Says Danny.