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Who We Are

From the start in 1997, NBA Services has been an exclusive distributor for Orange Business Services for nearly 10 years. From 2006 up until today, NBA Services has extended and strengthened its Partner Channel with 5 additional Global carriers, 5 domestic providers of Fiber Optic links in the Netherlands, as well as 5 Service Providers for services such as Voice/VoIP, Videoconferencing, Hosting, Remote Access and other infrastructural services.

Today, because of this strategic change, NBA Services is able to offer your company several proposals from multiple providers and vendors, based on your companies specific network requirements and needs. This procedure gives you a clear view on the current pricing differences, at a glance.

Vision & Mission

Like in every market sector, the Providers, Carriers and Operators of Data-and-Telecommunication Services for the business-to-business segment compete with one another based on Quality, Service/Support and Pricing, generally resulting in lower prices.

On retail / end-user level this development has been going on for a long time, it is considered as normal that people will look for a new Internet Provider, looking for a better price, or more bandwidth for the same price. Given the fact that prices for other basic fundamental needs such as gas, water and electricity are more or less transparant, one would expect this also to be the case for the B-to-B segment.

However, this point of transparency in Pricing and Quality has not been reached yet looking at corporate networks (IPVPN’s) in combination with services such as Videoconferencing. It is NBA Services’ Mission to change this, by helping your company to find the best possible solution for the right price.

Strong Partner

Giving personal attention to the customer, always. Delivering adequate and direct support through your 1 single point of contact, your dedicated Account Manager. Excellent pricing and quality, and only one clear invoice for all your IT related services. These are the Core Values of NBA Services.

We are able to meet these challenges because we work very closely together with our Partners. We communicate directly with dedicated teams of our Partners, such as Helpdesks, Customer-Support Teams, Technical Account Teams and First Line Maintenance. You can count on NBA’s full attention, 24/7.

NBA Services has taken a unique and Independent position between the largest and most professional carriers and providers of data-and telecommunication networks, and through our unique Wholesale Position we are able to provide your organization with unmatched pricing.